Saturday, April 29, 2006

Innovation Journalism in Slovenia

I have received a letter from the President of the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, Prof. Andreja Kocijancic, who wants me to collaborate with them on setting up a Slovenian innovation journalism initiative. Behind her stands two strong people: Marta Svetina, Director General of TIA, the national Slovenian technology agency, and Violeta Bulc, the entrepreneur who has spearheaded the introduction of the concept of innovation journalism in Slovenia. InJo should have a large potential in Slovenia with these people involved.

The letter of intent was signed after the innovation journalism workshop with Slovenian decision makers arranged by Bulc and partners last week. Swedish Ambassador John Hagard opened the workshop and I presented the Innovation Journalism program. Jan Sandred, former InJo fellow now with VINNOVA was also one of the main speakers (His comments are available on his Innovation Journalism Blog.)

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Violeta said...

The idea has been launched and the first round tables with people that could make a difference have been performed… yet, the biggest challenge remains … how to bring the idea of innovation, innovation systems and creative thinking as a core value and a daily habit to a critical mass of individuals… We will try to tackle this issue through 2 pilot projects: »Reward for the best media contribution on innovation« and »City of Innovation«. Both projects will be coordinated with David to keep the global perspective and to monitor results in order to enrich the “Innovation Journalism global knowledge base”. I am excited about the whole process… I am convinced that »Innovation Journalism« could be a really affective tool for building up innovation society on local levels, state level and within corporate environments…I’ll keep you posted…