Sunday, May 20, 2007

LisaCast Featuring Injo

Lisa Padilla interviewed Injo Fellowship Alumni Thomas Frostberg, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rapidus, on Innovation Journalism. The interview is available here.

A short presentation from Lisa about Lisacast:
I wanted to tell you about this week's show on Lisacast is the Internet radio show I began after recently joinging BlogTalkRadio. My show is broadcast live and then archived for download. It covers media, communication and technology. I interview interesting people from all around the world, take listener calls and questions and usually post follow up information on the web site. If my show airs at a crazy hour for your timezone, that's ok, you can download it later.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

European Regional Conference on Innovation Journalism - Ljubljana 14-15 June 2007

The European Regional Conference on Innovation Journalism »Stanford after Stanford 2007« will be held on June 14-15th at the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, European Union. The conference is supported by eleven Slovenian news outlets, including the major business and technology publications, and is presenting speakers from news media, universities, and the innovation ecosystem. I have been given the honor of adressing the opening session.

The aim of the conference is to deepen the understanding of new dimensions of innovation ecosystems empowered by the concept of Innovation Journalism at local, regional and global level.

The conference will present the first ever award for the best InJo contribution in Slovenian media.

The European commissioner for Research and Development, Janez Poto─Źnik, is scheduled to come to the conference to present his perspectives on innovation in the European Union, together with his views on how independent news media play a part of the innovation economy.

The conference web site is here:

Hope to see you in Ljubljana!

Monday, May 07, 2007

The First Finnish Innovation Journalism Award

Finjo - the Finnish Society for Innovation Journalism - granted the first Finnish Award of Innovation Journalism, called Innovaatiokide 2007 (Innovation Crystal 2007) to Sami Suojanen, a business reporter for the daily newspaper Aamulehti. The award winning ceremony took place during the Media Fair in Helsinki.

The winner was chosen out of more than one hundred journalistic articles by Mika Mannermaa, an eminent Finnish future researcher. The winning article Puhdasta valoa (Pure light) discussed the future prospects of the Finnish laser industry and presented a number of promising laser technology start-ups operating in Tampere region.

The Innovation Crystal award was accompanied by a cheque of euros 2500.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Visit by Danish DR News Management

The News management team of DR, the public service Danish Broadcasting Corporation, visited the innovation journalism program at Stanford for discussions yesterday. Under the leadership of the charismatic new DR news chief Ulrik Haagerup, the management group is looking together with SRI International's Discipline of Innovation team at ways to introduce a culture of innovation in the Danish news. DR has put their bets on Haagerup to bring the Danish public service news into the new age.

Haagerup is one of those people who adds color to a place. At the age of 27 he received the Cavling Prize, the most prestigious Danish journalism award, and four year later he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Jyllands-Posten, one of the major Danish dailys. (Jyllands-Posten acclaimed world fame recently for the" "Mohammed Cartoon" controversy. Haagerup was no longer at the helm when it happened). In 2002 he was appointed Editor-in-Chief for Nordjyske Medier, where he introduced multimedial journalism.

Apart from a previous track record of driving innovation in news rooms, Haagerup is the author of a book on innovation (sorry folks, only in Danish), which has been published in several editions. The book points out that knowledge is not enough, it has to be introduced in society as well to be valuable. The "knowledge society" paradigm needs to be substituted by the "innovation society".

What will happen at DR News is not public knowledge yet, but it seems like a safe bet that innovation will be a key word.