Tuesday, May 15, 2007

European Regional Conference on Innovation Journalism - Ljubljana 14-15 June 2007

The European Regional Conference on Innovation Journalism »Stanford after Stanford 2007« will be held on June 14-15th at the faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, European Union. The conference is supported by eleven Slovenian news outlets, including the major business and technology publications, and is presenting speakers from news media, universities, and the innovation ecosystem. I have been given the honor of adressing the opening session.

The aim of the conference is to deepen the understanding of new dimensions of innovation ecosystems empowered by the concept of Innovation Journalism at local, regional and global level.

The conference will present the first ever award for the best InJo contribution in Slovenian media.

The European commissioner for Research and Development, Janez Potočnik, is scheduled to come to the conference to present his perspectives on innovation in the European Union, together with his views on how independent news media play a part of the innovation economy.

The conference web site is here: http://www.innovationjournalism.si/en/safters07

Hope to see you in Ljubljana!

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