Monday, May 15, 2006

The InJo Fellows Review the InJo Fellowship Program

On their their second workshop at Stanford May 10-12, the Innovation Journalism Fellows summarized their impressions of the fellowship program. All of the fellows have appreciated the fellowship program and say that they have improved as innovation journalists. Several report on a culture shock entering the hosting US news rooms. The US news room culture is much more competitive than the news room cultures in Sweden and Finland. It has taken work to get in, but there have been good results - on average ten published stories per fellow. The contact with Stanford has been very appreciated and several fellows wish for more lectures on campus, involving leading innovation researchers.

Here are the suggestions for next years program:

- Add and introduction to how a US news room works and how US PR agencies work (as told by a journalist)
- Expand the number of activities at Stanford
- Place the conference at the end of the program, in May
- Make a year review book. The InJo Fellows will be the editors. Fellows will set up sessions at the conference and be moderators, writing up stories on the sessions. This can replace the journalist's research-style conference papers.
- Announce best InJo article of the year award at the conference.

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