Monday, January 08, 2007

InJo on Slovenian Course Curriculum

Slovenia again. Violeta Bulc, the entrepreneur spearheading the introduction of the concept of innovation journalism in Slovenia, writes in her blog:

One more step in the manifestation and integration of the InJo concept. Yesterday I’ve started lecturing the »Innovation management« class at DOBA University. InJo found its place in the curriculum as an important tool for a successful manifestation of innovative society. Congratulation to the management of the school for advanced thinking and I will try my best to raise an appropriate interest for the subject with students, as well.

Finance [largest business daily in Slovenia. /David] are cool. They opened up their database (for a limited time only of course) for the students of Innovation Management class at DOBA University to allow a research on Innovation Journalism in Slovenian business press as part of required field work.

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