Friday, September 05, 2008

The World Economic Forum Innovation 100 Summit

I had the pleasure of being one of the hundred at the The World Economic Forum "Innovation 100 Summit" on Sep 3-4. The WEF is a leader in spotting global economic trends, and publishes yearly the Competitiveness Index at the meeting in Davos. They are now looking at innovation, the Innovation 100 is the start of a major effort to penetrate the topic thoroughly. The WEF is interested in the role of journalism in the innovation economy, which was a reason for them to invite me.

Here is a picture of "the Innovation 100":
Here is the World Economic Forum description of the event:
While most agree that culture and people are the most important drivers of innovation, business leaders are finding it hard to understand how to respond with new management and operational models. The World Economic Forum is partnering with Harvard Business Review, McKinsey & Co, SAS, and Thomson Financial to synthesise the most relevant data available globally to create the most complete factual basis for discussions on technology innovation. This meeting - aimed at the top 100 thought leaders - is one part of many dialogues occuring, to help set the tone of the global discussion on innovation. The objective was to explore this topic from a global, regional and corporate level, with two clear areas of focus: Culture of Innovation and Location of Innovation.
- Innovation 100 - Photos

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