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HOLD THE DATES 7-11 JUNE 2010. JI@ST Conference Cluster at Stanford: IJ-7 + JTM

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JI@ST - A Conference Cluster about Journalism and Innovation:
  • IJ-7: The Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism, June 7-9 2010
  • JTM - Journalism That Matters, June 9-11 2010
Both conferences are held at Stanford University.

These back-to-back conferences will take a thorough look on journalism in the innovation economy. The conferences are open for all types of participants with an interest in journalism and innovation. We are looking forward to an active, results-oriented discussion between people of different professions and views. (More details below.)

To receive calls for participation and registration, sign up here (This is not the conference registration. The registration will come later this spring.)

IJ-7 - The Seventh Conference on Innovation Journalism

Organized by the VINNOVA-Stanford Research Center on Innovation Journalism at Stanford University

Key topics:




The conference includes keynotes, presentations and workshops. We have a multi-stakeholder approach, welcoming all types of scholars and professionals to take part in a discussion on the role of journalism in the innovation economy. The participants in this conference come from all over the world, due to the international character of the program.

A large part of the conference will be organized by the Innovation Journalism Fellows, who begin their Fellowships at Stanford in Feb 2010. The Fellows this year c

ome from Sweden, Finland, Pakistan, Mexico and Slovenia. Like all earlier years, the conference program will emerge in March-May.

The conference is like in 2009 scheduled to present an academic track, where researchers will present papers. All IJ-7 participants are welcome to sit in on the research presentations.

Check out the website of our previous IJ-6 conference and the IJ-6 conference academic track.

Registration will open probably in March.

Keep up to date here on the Innovation Journalism Blog and the Innovation Journalism Facebook Group

JTM - Journalism That Matters

JOURNALISM THAT MATTERS hosts conversations about the emerging news ecology among the diverse ecosystem of journalism – reporters, editors, publishers, videographers, photographers, media educators, reformers, volunteer journalists, and audience; from print, broadcast, and online media, both mainstream and entrepreneurial.

It is a community of media innovators and stakeholders that blazes paths and builds bridges to a new news ecology. We convene, connect, and inspire the diverse, engaged citizens who are molding and leading the media of tomorrow.

Using the un-conference format, we will explore What do we know and what do we want to know at the intersection of journalism and innovation?

Conference sessions could explore questions such as: Given the state of the industry, WHAT’s possible now? WHO are the new journalists? HOW are stories chosen? HOW are they told? WHAT kind of change is productive? WHO can the public trust? WHAT is the role of journalism in connecting people and community? WHERE can editors find qualified contributors and information with increasingly diminished budgets? WHAT new technological sources are reliable? WHERE is the new newsroom? WHEN are beat blogs, twittering and social networks best utilized? WHY is transparency so important? HOW do we maintain transparency and accountability while protecting sources?

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