Sunday, March 21, 2010

Examples of Flavors of InJo

Here are some examples illustrating different types of InJo, all relating to the iPad launch. Note that this is very tech-slanted InJo. Remember that InJo can also be social/cultural/business-oriented. Innovation is the introduction of novelties, the process of transforming ideas into new value in society. Technology is an enabler, and sometimes - but far from always - the key driver of innovation.

Here goes:

1. InJo covering the innovation release. This story by Chris Foresman in arstechnica is close to a product review, only it comes before the release, in the very last part of the innovation process, speculating on the product, the release and how it will affect Apple:

2. InJo covering the ability to innovate, and the future directions. The story by Seth Weintraub in ComputerWorld Blogs: Apple hires Richard De Vaul - specialist on wearable computers (e.g. computers embedded in clothes) - as "Senior Prototype Engineer". By interviewing De Vaul on his past we get a picture of Apple's possible future. The story gets traction from the iPad launch - as we are waiting for the iPad to come, we get curious about what may come after that.

3. InJo speculating on the future - columnist style. Here is one of my favorites - David Carnoy/CNET published this fictitious dialogue between Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Apple's Steve Jobs upon the launch of the Kindle. It was a critical review of the design of the Kindle (published in the reviews section), but at a same time an early visionary speculation of the iPad.

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