Friday, December 07, 2007

Deutsche Welle Organizes Injo Seminar

Deutsche Welle, the German national world news service is a new partner in the Injo international network. The DW is a large news organisation, broadcasting all over the world in 29 languages. On December 5 the Deutsche Welle organized at their headquarters in Bonn their first seminar on Innovation Journalism, which I had the pleasure to keynote. The program of the seminar is here.

The seminar was opened by Wilfried Ründe, initiator and project leader of the seminar. Wilfried is an experienced German news professional, and in charge of innovation projects at the DW.

Tobias Trosse delivered a very entertaining talk on innovation and how the news relates to it, before I proceeded to explain the injo concept and show some examples from the Injo program.

The seminar ended with a very good panel discussion, including Wilfried Rütten - director of the European Journalism Center (another partner in the Injo network), news anchor Heather DeLisle, DW-Akademie development manager Daniel Hirschler, and sports editor Stefan Nestler.

After a very lively discussion, moderator Wilfried Ründe asked the audience of DW-professionals to vote on the value of the Injo concept. It was all thumbs up.

Looking forward to continue working with Deutsche Welle!

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