Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to Report on Environmental Innovation / Cleantech

Only a few years ago almost nobody was thinking of cleantech journalism. There was business journalism and there was environmental journalism. Environmentalists were rejecting the market forces, and the commercial players were not charmed. Business journalism would not cover environmentalists, and environmental journalism would not engage in market analysis. Back in 2005, before most people ever heard of cleantech, the Innovation Journalism program looked into how to bridge these worlds.

Injo Fellow Birgitta Forsberg hosted by the SF Chronicle blended her expertise in business journalism with her passion for environmental issues in a project we branded 'environmental innovation journalism', not far from cleantech journalism today. She did a number of successful cover stories for SF Chronicle and summarized her tips for others to use in the essay 'How to do environmental innovation journalism'. It is a very nice mix of analysis, thumb rules and examples of real stories. Reading it now makes me realize how pioneering and timely her work was.

There are so many business and tech journalists today who are interested in getting into the cleantech field, it makes sense to post her essay again.

PS. Birgitta is presently working with Swedish business weekly Affärsvärlden.


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Sunduvan said...

I was thinking about turning into an environmental journslist but it is hard. Do I have to go back to school to become one?e