Monday, October 06, 2008

InJo Fellowships 2009

A more detailed description of the InJo Fellowship Program 2009 is available here.

We are planning the sixth round of the Innovation Journalism Fellowship Program at Stanford, starting Feb 2 2009. Innovation journalism fellows will go through an orientation at Stanford before beginning their work off campus with hosting US newsrooms. Potential hosts this year: AlwaysOn-Network, Bloomberg, CBS CNET, Fortune Magazine (New York), GreenTechMedia, San Francisco Chronicle, Seed Magazine, Technologizer, Time Magazine (New York) and VentureBeat

Fellows based in Silicon Valley will meet regularly at Stanford for lectures and discussions. Past lecturers have included among others Doug Engelbart, inventor of the mouse and Vint Cerf, father of the Internet, Dan Maydan, who built up Applied Materials, and Curtis Carlson, President of SRI International. All Fellows will take active part in arranging IJ-6, the Sixth Conference on Innovation Journalism, which will take place May 18-20 2009 at Stanford. Fellows will also participate in two seminars held together with The World Economic Forum Media & Entertainment Industry Partnership and the US National Academies.

So far, four countries are participating in nominating fellows to the program: Sweden, Finland, Pakistan and Slovenia. If you are a journalist/editor who wants to apply for a fellowship, please check with your national contact (check the program description).

The call for the Swedish program is here - the call closes on November 3; the call for Pakistan is here; The Finnish call closes on Oct 17 - contact Turo Uskali for more information (Tel: +358-40-534-0249).

The Innovation Journalism Fellowship Program is funded by VINNOVA, Competitiveness Support Fund, Helsingin Sanomat Foundation, SITRA and the Scholarship Agency of Slovenia.

To set up a program for nominating fellows or to start any type of innovation-journalism program, contact me. Note that the program at Stanford does not fund other programs. External funding must be arranged before nominating fellows.

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